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Official SSI Playtester Mode

I have found how to activate an official SSI playtester mode for Pools of Darkness and Dark Queen of Krynn. I have had no luck with other Gold Box games.
How to activate it: open a Dark Queen of Krynn savgam@.qsv save file in a hex editor and alter offsets 18,21,197 so they have a decimal value of 2. Then load the save file. (Here the ampersand @ stands for one of the letters A thru J.)
How to use it:
Here the procedure is a bit more involved than for Pools of Darkness:

First line of screen: Reply
"Select the combat wall type:" Normal
"Do you wish to set any party variables?" No
"Give all numbers in decimal." 2
"What is the attack location number?" 0
"Input monster morale byte…" 0
"What monster - 1 ?" 0
"How many monster - 1?" 0
"No monsters in combat." Enter
"Do you wish to retry?" No
"Try again?" No
"Do you want to use the jumper? Or start one of the 'DQK' ECL's?" Jumper
"Where do you wish to go?" Jump
"Jumping to ECL number: 0 " ECL #

ECL Number: Name of town
2: SSI Playtester Town
4: Caergoth
10: Draconian Caves
14: Naulidis
18: Hizden
22: Luminari
24: ???
26: Hulderfolk Wood
30: New Aurim
34: Palace of the Thenol King
38: Kristophan
42: The Tombs
46: Hawkbluff
47: Hawkbluff2
50: Blackwater Glade
54: Bai'or
58: Aldinanachru
62: Tower of Flame
63: Tower of Flame Finale?
66: The Abyss
Towns 24,47,63 can't be accessed by this method or by altering the save game files.
5 is the Taladas Overland.

For an understanding of the coordinates used by each map, see this post:
]Decrypting Ecl# and Geo# Files
Table of contents in glb files works differently to the dax files.
For people who don't like hex editing I have included two save files which start playtester mode when they are loaded. One for DQK and one for Pools of Darkness. Pools of Darkness seems to have no ability to load a new save game once you start play, short of the party all being killed. You can return to the desktop, to load a new save game and try another Ecl number, by pressing Ctrl + C or Ctrl + 2.
]Official SSI Playtester Mode zip

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